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How to create Moose Knuckles

moose knuckle

There are people who like to create a moose knuckle for a number of reasons. Some would like to create a "Moose Knuckle" to attract others in a sexual way because there are many who find a "moose knuckle" sexually attractive. Let's see how to create a moose knuckle.

1) Choose a tight pant especially around the male genitalia and it would create a moose knuckle when you sit down quite tightly.

2) A tight underwear would help you to shape the genitalia into a tight package and you may choose boxers which are a good choice.

3) Your position is important when you create a moose knuckle and you may want to practice a few times before you go out to create one. After you try 2 or 3 times by sitting tightly on a chair at home, you would now get an idea of how to create one (moose knuckle) in the public. But try not to do too tight to avoid any damage to your testicles.

4) Think of something which sexually arouse you after you sit down to help you to create a well formed "moose knuckle".





Moose Knuckle

A moose knuckle is when the guy’s pants are too tight and cleaving between their testicles. They may also be between the penis and one or both testicles which are also known as a “mangina”.

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