moose knuckle
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How to Have a Moose Knuckle

moose knuckle

Moose knuckle is the term for the wedgie occurring in men and this is the equivalent of camel toe in women.  Moose knuckle occurs when the male organ is squeezed causing the testicles to separate.  This is usually what happens when men wear tight fitting pants or loose underwear and in cases when they get aroused.  A moose knuckle is created in all these situations, which some men are really proud of.  This article will show how a moose knuckle can be created, and here’s how:  


You need to wear loose underwear.

You need to have tight jeans.

You need to be a man.


- If you want the moose knuckle to have more substance, you can either think or dream of romantic or intimate moments with your girlfriend or with some of the women that you see around you.  Just bear in mind that when doing this, you should not show any feeling or arousal.  Make it look natural. 

- Choose the right underwear that can give you a moose knuckle.  Do not buy tight briefs as they will just hide your asset.  You should also never choose an ordinary brief.  If you want to be noticed, you can wear boxer shorts. 

- Buy a jeans, trunks or shorts that are tight fitting, especially in the crotch area, for you to be able to get a moose knuckle.  The seam of the jeans must, likewise, move up all the way to your organ and nicely press it creating a moose knuckle.  
- Choose a position where people can get a glance of your moose knuckle.  If you want to maintain the wedgie, you must refrain from opening your legs as you will lose the great formation.  The best way to get noticed is to sit a level higher than most of the people around you; then pull your legs together until you create a moose knuckle that may become the envy of many. 

- When you sit down, find a position where the most admirable moose knuckle is created.  Before you get positioned, you may fix your asset first bringing you a more noticeable moose knuckle.  However, you should do this with caution as you might get your testicles crushed or chaffed.

Let people admire you with your moose knuckle.  Try considering the tips mentioned above so you’ll learn the right ways to show it off. 

Moose Knuckle

A moose knuckle is when the guy’s pants are too tight and cleaving between their testicles. They may also be between the penis and one or both testicles which are also known as a “mangina”.

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