moose knuckle
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How to Prevent Moose Knuckles

moose knuckle

Moose knuckles are those annoying and oddly shaped bulge that can sometimes be seen in the pants of men. This can be a very embarrassing thing to have. If you chose to wear underpants, shorts, and jeans that have enough room by the crotch, you can decrease your chances of having one.

When preventing moose knuckles, you need a pair of good-fitting jeans and briefs, as well as talc power.

You need to wear underwear that is comfortable and fits you perfectly. The pair should not squeeze your genitals into a shape that looks like a party balloon. You will benefit from wearing knit briefs since these are able to support your crotch and keep it compact. Boxers usually cause moose knuckles because they squeeze the genitals by your legs or around the fly.

You also need pants that are somewhat loose around your crotch. Do not wear jeans that are too tight such as those worn in the '80s. These give more attention to your moose knuckles. Go with a pair of dress pants that flow smoothly down your legs. You can never go wrong with these.

Use some talcum power and apply it on your crotch prior to donning the briefs and pants. Most moose knuckles are a result of the hotness and stickiness that happens around your crotch. It causes your male genitals to twist into odd shapes. Talcum power is useful for keeping the whole area dry and will keep it from chaffing.

You can have a tailor help you select pants that are not prone to moose knuckles. You can ask the tailor to add some space around your crotch if your favourite pair of jeans gives you moose knuckles. A tailor with a lot of experience and great expertise should be able to do this perfectly. Don't forget to tip!

Sometimes you might be wearing pants which fit you perfectly but you can still get a moose knuckle if you daydream or fantasize about certain scenarios while you are in public. Keep your thoughts on fishing, traveling, or sports.

If somebody tells you that you have a moose knuckle, do not take it the wrong way. That person is just trying to help and might be concerned because you look like you are uncomfortable. It could also be a compliment on the size of your package, in which case you should thank her generously.





Moose Knuckle

A moose knuckle is when the guy’s pants are too tight and cleaving between their testicles. They may also be between the penis and one or both testicles which are also known as a “mangina”.

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