moose knuckle
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Pros and Cons of Moose Knuckle

moose knuckle

Many don’t feel comfortable being seen with a wedgie.  However, this does not happen to everybody who wears underwear.  It, actually, takes place when an individual’s clothing is too tight leaving the seam of the underwear or the garment stuck between his or her butt or genitalia.  Camel toe is the term used for wedgies formed in women, while it is called moose knuckle if formed in men.        

A lot of women or girls like to wear pants that hug their lower extremities, but sometimes the line of stitching moves up, which usually gives a split look on the part where the female organ is located.  This look is a resemblance of a foot of a camel that is why this wedgie is called camel toe.  Wedgies can be formed when you’re wearing bathing suits, tight pants, sexy shorts and underwear that are of low quality or if it doesn’t fit you right.  Camel toes can be seen almost everywhere we look and this had a significant increase ever since the shaving of pubic hair became so popular.  The pubic hair acts as a protector of the female organ and, thus, preventing the formation of wedgies.  
Moose Knuckle

Just like in women, wedgies also occur in men who wear tight fitting jeans, underwear or other garments.  When a garment is too tight, the stitching usually moves up to where the male organ is and this produces a moose knuckle whereby the testicles “split up”.  In some cases, a moose knuckle looks like a vagina.  Underwear that has a perfect fit can prevent men from having wedgies for this can hold their testicles firmly.  Applying powder on the thigh and abdomen area is another way to prevent moose knuckle.  There are people that also call female wedgies moose knuckle instead of camel toe, but this is just, in fact, a term referring to men.       

One can’t really prevent the appearance of camel toes or moose knuckles.  Just remember that when buying pants, shorts, underwear, trunks or bathing suits, you have to make sure that it fits you perfectly.  A wedgie maybe very pleasant for some people for it arouses them, but for most people, they find it very obscene.  So, the next time you wear tight fitting clothes, you must see to it that they fit you right in order for you not to have wedgies.    




Moose Knuckle

A moose knuckle is when the guy’s pants are too tight and cleaving between their testicles. They may also be between the penis and one or both testicles which are also known as a “mangina”.

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