moose knuckle
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What is a Moose Knuckle?

moose knuckle

Have you encountered the term camel toe?  A camel toe refers to the division formed in the vaginal area of women, which looks like the shape of the toes of a camel, when they are wearing tight pants, shorts or swimsuits.  This occurs when the line stitching of the tight clothing rises up and splits the vagina into two and this can really distract everyone’s attention.  Bearing a camel toe only refers to women, and as for men, the wedge formed is termed as moose knuckle.

Moose knuckle.  Are you familiar with it?  This is not referring to the real moose itself, just a resemblance of one part of it.  The partition that you see in some guys when they are wearing tight-fitting pants is called moose knuckle.  The male organ is emphasized in this situation and it is equally noticeable as a camel toe.  

Some don’t mind having a moose knuckle and they actually are even so proud of it, while others want to avoid it as much as possible.  If you are one of those who don’t like having a moose knuckle, here are some tips for you:

Do not choose pants that fit overly on the genital area for you not to have moose knuckle. You also might want to refrain from using fitted pants because it will just emphasize on your organ.  What then should you wear?  You can wear loose jeans or slacks or something that is smooth and flowing.

Refrain entertaining romantic thoughts in public as it will enhance your genitalia and give you a moose knuckle.  You cannot prevent moose knuckle from occurring even when you’re wearing pants that perfectly fit you.  So, the best thing to do is to stop picturing sexy thoughts. 

When choosing underwear, pick out those that you’re comfortable wearing and those that perfectly fit you.  This will prevent you from having a moose knuckle that looks very odd.  This will, likewise, hold your testicles and penis in place.  The kind of brief recommended for you are knit briefs as they can support your asset as firmly as it can. Avoid using boxer shorts because your testicles will be constantly moving and it will just cause it to bulge when you wear tight jeans.

Putting a powder on your thighs and in your genital area can prevent you from having moose knuckle




Moose Knuckle

A moose knuckle is when the guy’s pants are too tight and cleaving between their testicles. They may also be between the penis and one or both testicles which are also known as a “mangina”.

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